Fun Facts on Social Media Use

Social Media has blown up to become a platform that is widely used by many people. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are a few sites that have become a big part in peoples’ lives. The idea of being able to connect, share, participate in, and use as entertainment sounds too good to not take advantage of. 

In an article published by the Pew Research center, it was mentioned how there is overlap between the various social media sites used between Americans. This means that people aren’t just interacting in one platform, they are taking part in different sites as well.

Many people can at least name one social media platform, but can they name an informational fact on how people use these platforms?

Below is an informational graphic that provides 5 fun facts on Americans social media use. Data is taken from February 2018, and is provided by the Pew Research Center.

Screenshot (21)
Graphic by Sharon Delavega