Google Trends: Yeezy Release, Paul Manafort, and Noah Centineo

By Sharon Delavega

New Yeezy Release Shows Ongoing Spike of Interest Compared to Paul Manafort

In the upcoming months, Kanye West and Adidas will release their new Yeezy sneakers to the public, and the anticipation couldn’t be higher. It is known that there is only a certain amount of sneakers made per release, so it is important to stay on top when trying to purchase a pair. Many of us, who are interested in these shoes, plan accordingly by searching the description of the sneakers, price, and best way to buy them. 

How does the excitement of a Yeezy release compare to keeping up with the trials of Paul Manafort? 


According to the analysis of Google search data, there were only two instances where Paul Manafort spiked higher than the search term of Yeezy. The first spike was from October 29 to November 4 of 2017 and upon further research, it was found that Paul Manafort was being charged, along with former Trump campaign officials, during the final days of October. This charge was one of the first actions taken regarding Manafort and his connection with Russia. The rise in the first spike could then be due to people researching who Paul Manafort was and the reasons toward why he was being charged.

The second spike was from August 19 to August 25 of 2018. During this time, Paul Manafort was convicted on eight charges that were due to tax and bank fraud. Therefore, this verdict was a major decision made that possibly led to the rise in searches for Paul Manafort. 

The analysis of Google search data shows how people are mainly interested in the main breakthroughs of Manaforts’ case compared to staying on top of the Yeezy releases. 

Heartthrob Sensation Noah Centineo Outdoes Paul Manafort in Google Search Trends 

Netflix has outdone itself once again. Introducing its viewers to various rom-coms but most importantly, introducing the world to Noah Centineo. Centineo has been trending all over social media, whether in memes, thirst posts, images, or gifs. 

How is it that Noah Centineo compares to Paul Manafort, who has been an ongoing political figure of interest?


According to the analysis of Google search data, Noah Centineo did not start trending until August 19, where he got a 100 count of interest. This is most likely due to his breakthrough roles on Netflix of Peter Kavinsky, To All The Boys I Loved, and Jamey, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. Noah Centineo played the love interest in both Netflix originals, that portrayed him as a lovable teen. 

Even when the decision of convicting Paul Manafort for fraud was occurring, people were more interested in searching who Noah Centineo was and why he was trending all over social platforms. This analysis shows how in major political events, people are more interested in upcoming celebrities than staying informed of current events.

In the end, a pretty face overshadows a controversial political figure.   

Author: sharondelavega

This website is for Mike Reilley's journalism class.

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